How do I start?

When you first contact us, we will talk with you to gain an understanding of your situation. At this time, we will make an appointment to come and meet with you in person.

What is your fee for meeting with me and assessing my property for an estate sale?

There is NO fee and NO upfront costs for meeting with you and assessing your property.

What happens when you first come to my house?

We will assess your property and determine if a sale is your best option. If it is, we will discuss our plan for your sale.

Should I sort through my things and get rid of anything I deem "garbage" or of no value before calling you?

Please do NOT! What one person may consider "junk", another might consider a "treasure". Therefore, let us do the sorting and separating for you. After all, this is part of our service. The best thing to do is leave the house/contents as is. We try to sell everything at the sale, from clothes, towels and bedding to cleaning supplies.

Should you have any other questions that you need answered, please contact Becky at 616.606.0607