Our Process

Each home is unique and every situation requires a tailored estate or moving sale strategy. Whether you are a long time collector of antique items, or have a home of recently purchased designer furniture, we can help you.

Step 1. The Consultation

The free consultation consists of a detailed tour of your home in which the items deemed for sale should be easily identifiable. We will discuss your unique needs, guide you through the next steps of the process, propose a contract for our services, and answer any questions you may have The goal here is to set you up for success and provide you with expert material and advice exclusive to our process.

Step 2. Staging, Organizing, and Advertising

This step is essential for aesthetic, customer appeal, ad advertising of your sale. Our expert team of staggers utilize interior design techniques to merchandise your home and create the ultimate shopping experience. Pairing that with quality photography and a tailored advertising strategy, ensures your items will be showcased and viewed by many.

Step 3. Pricing and Research

To obtain the perfect price for every item, we combine detailed research to ensure each item is valued properly. In this step of our process, we have two main goals: to ensure all items are at a desirable and fair market value price point-to produce maximum sale profits-and to sell as many items as possible.

Step 4. Hosting the Sale/Selling

Our combination of trained sales staff and competitive pricing, ensures a high percentage of liquidation with the highest possible return. The integrity of your home and security of your high value items matter to us.

Step 5. Post Sale Clean-Out/Collecting your Check

We offer a few options to our clients, regarding the clean-out of any unsold items. The option that the majority of our clients choose (a third-party buy out associate of Full Circle), has been carefully crafted and fine-tuned to provide you with a hands off and stress free close to your estate or moving sale. After the close of your sale, you will receive a sales summary and your check.